I can't find the words to say

I can't find the strength to play your games

But I just can't walk away

'Cause I am stuck on "Someday"


///We used to fly, we used to soar

Back and forth

I'd drive all night just to get to your door

Searching for the "Someday"///


I don't know if my heart is soft enough 

To let you back in and shake off the dust

It's such a long road, but I'm lacin' up

'Cause I am stuck on "Someday"


///We could still fly, we could still soar

Just like before

Would you drive all night just to get to my door

'Cause all I have is all yours///


All I have is all yours

(Stuck in the "Someday")



Words & Music by Dominic Liberati (ASCAP)

Copyright © ℗ 2016 Live & Loud Productions, LLC.