ANIMAL proceeds to benefit California fire victims

This one goes out to the fighters, the underdogs, the underestimated and the counted out. "Animal" is an anthem for those who have been through the wringer, had their backs to the wall, and fought to find that killer instinct to push through.

I want to dedicate this to all of those affected by the California Wildfires. Having been evacuated myself and seeing all of the destruction while also experiencing multiple communities coming together was both horrifying and beautiful. All firefighters, victims, evacuees, responders, and volunteers who have unified to fight against the odds...I'm with you.

All streaming and purchase proceeds of "Animal" will go to the California Wildfire Relief Fund.

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///You see a painted sunset
I see the curtains ready to close

'Cause your eyes aren't open yet
But I know it's all part of the show

'Cause you don't know where I've slept
Sirens sang my lullabies
No you ain't seen nothin' yet
See the spark behind my eyes

You don’t see nothin'
Don’t see nothin'
Don’t see nothin' but my disguise

I'm an animal baby
I've hunted in the night 
And if you understand then maybe
Maybe we'll be alright
You and I, are animals inside
We’re animals inside
You and I
Are animals inside

I paid my dues in the dirt
No you won’t find me in the crowd

I’m bulletproof to their words
'Cause I paid the price to stand out

I’m the leader of my pack
And I’m already on the run

You’ll never catch me on my back
But can you catch up under the gun?

You don’t see nothin’
Don’t see nothin’
Just shadows under the sun///


Huge thanks to Jordan Sapp for his genius co-production and Igor Stolarsky (thebishopgame) for the stellar mix!