New Song Concept

In many relationships, when any aspect beings to dwindle, there's always the initial instinct to go back to the step inside the moment it all was fresh, exciting, and on fire.

There was a song that I would preview during my solo acoustic sets called "Run to You" that was near complete, but was missing a certain essence. I have begun to defrag, if you will, that idea into one universally connected concept, the first kiss. In this song, however, I'm dealing with keeping the fire and nostalgia of the first kiss sustained and alive daily.

In impeccable timing, BC walked into the studio and heard was I was up to, and helped me further it along down this new path.  I'm not sure yet on form, title, or final lyrics, but here is a snippet of the vibe and direction. This is what happens when an acoustic song goes BEL HAVEN. I'm excited to give you an inside look, and to see where this ends up.