Humility Invites Inspiration

Very often, especially in the entertainment world, we are so protective of our own craft, and so eager to be heard amongst the masses, that we are afraid to push another's work out there instead of our own. One could even argue that this fear stems from arrogance. 

BEL HAVEN strives to be different that area...

I'm a firm believer that in order to output good art, you need to input good art. I would venture to say that it may be even more like a 10:1 ratio on input:output. Via whatever medium it may be - books, songs, trees, clouds, people, experiences, etc... I become a much better songwriter, musician, and overall communicator when I am ingesting all of these. 

That being said. I want to lift up Scott Hansen, aka TYCHO, a true inspiration of ours both visually and sonically. His last album, Awake, is possibly my favorite album released in the last 5 years. As a singer, it's not so common to hold an instrumental album so highly. However, TYCHO is such an amazing sonic painter that his textures and melodies speak to me like lyrics. Below is a podcast of his Song Exploder episode, dissecting the title track to Awake.

If you'll note, Scott cites an Interpol song as his inspiration. I think I'm on to something ;)

 - Dom